The 13 Steps to making a quality Peninsula Pen Product

  • Select appropriate wood type.


  • Cut the wood to be used into the correct lengths.


  • Drill the correct size hole to receive the brass tube insert.


  • Glue Brass insert into the drilled hole.


  • Sand both faces of the wooden blank square.


  • Mount the blanks on the pen turning mandrill with appropriate bushes.


  • Turn the wooden blank to the correct size for the pen kit.


  • Work through the sanding process until the correct surface in achieved.


  • Apply a sealer to the wooden blank to secure finish.


  • Apply polish and buff to finished standard.


  • Remove wooden blanks and with the aid of a press, fit the desired pen kit.


  • Place the completed pen blank into a laser and laser on the chosen text.


  • Final quality inspection, cleaning of completed pen.


  • Place completed pen into presentation box
Pens handmade from Irish Whiskey Barrels Titanic Pens and Gifts from Ireland